“Survivor” Winner Ethan Zohn Battling Cancer

May 19, 2009 at 2:29 am  •  Posted in Ethan Zohn by

Sad news as Survivor winner Ethan Zohn announced this week that he is fighting Stage 2 Hodgkin’s disease.

On April 30, Zohn was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s disease. The diagnosis came after months of unexplained itching and night sweats, originally thought to be a skin condition. Doctors discovered a swollen lymph node under his left clavicle, and a CT scan revealed a mass on the left side of his chest. Then, just last week, Zohn learned he is suffering from a rare form the disease called CD20-positive Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, for which he began chemotherapy last Friday.

“This is the ultimate game of Survivor,” Zohn, 35, tells PEOPLE exclusively, “and there’s really only one outcome, and that’s to win. There’s no other option.”

The good news is that Hodgkins has a high survival rate if treated and Ethan’s longtime fellow Survivor winner girlfriend Jenna Moraska says that she will stand by her man. “I will fight with every fabric of my being to get him through this.”


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