‘Revenge’ Star Emily Van Camp In GQ Magazine

October 23, 2012 at 2:31 pm  •  Posted in Emily Van Camp by  •  0 Comments

I’ve heard Revenge is a really good show. Unfortunately with all the other quality television I am watching in my tiny bit of free time, I just can’t squeeze it in. I mean after I watch a bunch of faux-rich women bitch in New Jersey, real rich women bitch in Miami and pretentious women bitch in New York I barely have time to watch Norman Reedus kill zombies and 2 Broke Girls make cupcakes. Not to mention I am recently and totally hooked on the cheesy Vampire Diaries and the hilarious Modern Family. 

See, I just don’t have time for Emily Van Camp and her Revenge. But I did have time to read this GQ article and she sounds like a pretty cool Canadian.


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