Paris Hilton Release Outrage Continues As Paris ‘Naps and Eats Cupcakes’

June 8, 2007 at 1:14 pm  •  Posted in Paris Hilton by  •  0 Comments

Aren’t you glad you are not the guy at the LA Sheriff’s Department that let Paris Hilton go? I bet he didn’t get any sleep last night with the 9am court date looming over his head today. Although the Sheriff is probably correct when he says Paris received more punishment than most people do for drivng with a suspended license and the public outrage is because we wanted to see a pampered celebrity punished, the judge did specifically order that she serve her sentence in jail.

The original court document had the judges handwritten order of ‘no house arrest, no monitoring devices and no work release’. Meanwhile, Paris is napping and resting at home while gifts and cupcake deliveries steadily arrive at her palatial home. Paris even sent her assistant out to the crowd of onlookers to shout, “Do you love Paris?” and then video the entire mob. Yeah, she is so mentally sick that she can’t make marketing decisions.

Check back here throughout the day for the breaking news on the Paris plays the celeb card story.


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