Octomom Not On Welfare…Just Food Stamps

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Crazy-ass Octomom Nadya Suleman is now receiving $2000 a month of our tax dollars to feed her 34,456   children. She did a big interview with TMZ claiming this was temporary, but if we review the facts …homegirl knows how to work the system. Before she got implanted with 12 embryos at once, by a doctor who later lost his license, she was on disability and living with her parents.

At the same time she was also collecting social security disability for two of her children as well as food stamps. In 2008 she declared bankruptcy and around the time of her pregnancy her parents also had to declare bankruptcy and watch their home go into foreclosure from trying to help their crazy daughter and all her very bad decisions.

You know of course that the house Octo bought two years ago for $594,000 is in foreclosure because she can’t make ends meet for 54,000 people every month. Even after the celebrity boxing, bikini photoshoots, weight loss, dating show appearances, staged photo ops and other various and sundry interview she just can’t make enough to feed her kids. According to TMZ she qualifies for food stamps from US because she makes under $119K  year and has 14 kids.

She of course knew all this because she was working the system before she had 12 embryos implanted in her, so it’s sort of like pre-mediated-planned-I’ll-live-off -the-government.

Note to people who plan on having a a crazy number of kids: We will buy into your crazy for a while…but after a while…you’ve got to do Duggar type stuff to keep us interested.

“I’m so so sick and tired of people making our business their business, and if someone has a problem with me trying to feed my kids temporarily temporarily with some help until we get on our feet. I think people… should be focusing on those who take advantage of the system, not those who desperately want to use it temporarily until we get on our feet. Hopefully we won’t be on it for more than a month or two…For three years I’ve been trying zero help, no food stamps nothing, I’ve been working my butt off and if [someone has] a problem with us doing anything to get some help temporarily, it’s exactly that, their problem not ours.”

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