Nick Lachey Kicked Out Of Football Game For Fighting

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Who knew Nick Lachey was such a bad sport? If I live to be 100 I will never understand the real anger sports fans feel for rival teams….it’s like a vicarious pissing contest. TMZ has a grainy video…see below…

Seriously…sports fandom can turn even the most responsible man into this:

So here’s what happened:

Nick CHOKED a San Diego Chargers fan at Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday and called the guy’s wife a “f**king b*tch” … this according to multiple people involved in the incident … but Nick says it’s all BS.The Chargers fan says Lachey made one particularly offensive comment about Olshansky that crossed the line … and that’s when the fan’s wife shot back to Nick, “Well, he lasted longer than your boy band.”

We’re told Lachey flipped out and called the wife a “f**king b*tch” … along with “a host of other profanities.”

Tensions exploded … and the Chargers fan says Nick lunged towards him … grabbed him by the throat and shoved him to the ground. The fight can be seen in the footage obtained by TMZ. 

I can almost even understand how it escalated to a fight…but they why bragged about on Twitter???? Why Nick? Why? Don’t you realize you are so going to get sued now?

After the incident, Nick went to Twitter and BRAGGED about the situation — saying, “Just got kicked out of the chargers stadium and couldn’t be prouder! Go Cincy Bengals.”

He later acknowledged the altercation … tweeting, “i simply don’t appreciate someone turning around and putting their finger in my face. call me crazy, but that deserved a reaction.”

We’re told the Chargers fan plans to file a police report against Lachey.  Nick’s rep tells TMZ, “This is a gross misrepresentation of what happened. It was nothing but a spirited debate between fans of opposing teams. At no point did Nick say anything derogatory to the man’s wife and anything to suggest the contrary is simply untrue.”

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