Lindsay Lohan Can’t Get Work Unless She Gets Nude In “The Canyons”

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Everyone was shocked to read that Lindsay Lohan has actually landed another acting role …and this one in a real movie..not a Lifetime movie. That was until we heard what she has to do in this movie. It’s really soft porn masquerading as a movie. In fact, the co-star that Bret Easton chose for Lindsay is a porn star.

I’m not sure why she’s chosen this moment to get all iffy about getting naked. Our friends at Gawker put together this amazing history of Lindsay’s nude moments.  It goes all the way back to 2004.

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t yet signed the contract to star in Bret Easton Ellis’ new movie, The Canyons, because of concerns about being nude in the movie, is exclusively reporting.

As we previously reported, Lindsay, 25, has been cast in the famed author’s next movie. He tweeted the news on Monday, saying: “Shooting THE CANYONS starring James Deen and Lindsay Lohan: July 9-31 in L.A. Could not have dreamed of a better cast. Lindsay nailed it…”

Even though Lindsay was cast in the role, it’s not a done deal. “She hasn’t officially signed the contract yet,” a source close to the actress tells us.

“Lindsay and her team are concerned about the nudity that is involved. Lindsay would be required to do full frontal nudity, and the sex scenes are very, very graphic. Yes, Lindsay has posed nude for Playboy, but doing it in a movie is completely different. Lindsay needs to make sure that she is comfortable with it, and that this is something she can handle as an artist. It’s expected that Lindsay will sign the contract in the next two weeks, as filming begins at the beginning of July. Lindsay has admired Bret’s work for a very long time, and one of her favorite movies is Less Than Zero,” the source added.

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