Kim Kardashian Says She Weighs 140 Pregnancy Pounds

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I am in no way slamming Kim Kardashian for gaining tons of weight while she’s pregnant. I’m really not. Not every woman gets the tiny belly bump and gains 15 pounds. Most of us balloon up and it’s seriously out of our control for some reason. Emotional eating, depression, morning sickness that can only be quelled by bagels and regular coke.

What I am going to mock her for is her HEINOUS maternity style. I wasn’t a KK fan before she got knocked up and now I can’t really even stand to look at her. She says she refuses to wear anything in turn she looks like this. Someone is telling her she looks good. And they are doing her a disservice. She’s going to look back on these pictures after the baby gets her and she’s lost the weight and have a panic attack that she ever looked like this. Not that she should..who cares she’s pregnant? But we all know this is one vain chick.

On a side note, while I think her choice in clothing during her pregnancy has been the worst...her face looks really pretty with the extra weight.


“It says that I’m like 200 pounds on there. That’s like, definitely a good 60 pounds off. It’s ridiculous. Obviously you don’t want to be called fat, but I’m pregnant. I would hope to gain some weight.

What’s so funny is I love junk food and I love fast food, I love sweets, ice cream. I haven’t been able to eat any of that since I’ve been pregnant. I am so sad that I’m not craving like In-N-Out and Taco Bell. None of it. That’s what I was craving before. I’m craving like carrots and celery with ranch.

I wore this like leather skirt and by the way it’s a maternity skirt that I had made. Like everything is bigger. And they’re like, ‘Oh you can’t wear anything tight. That is ridiculous.’ They have pregnancy Spanx that are tighter than the skirt I’m wearing. I want to feel good about myself and still feel fashionable. That’s who I am. Happy mommy, happy baby.”


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