Katie Holmes Is Scary Skinny

February 5, 2009 at 4:36 am  •  Posted in Katie Holmes by  •  0 Comments

Katie Holmes joins Jennifer Connelly and Paris Hilton in this years wave of ‘way too skinny celebrities’. Katie’s protruding collarbone walked the red carpet with her husband at the Rio de Janeiro premiere of Valkyrie Tuesday.

The actress appears to have lost a lot of weight recently and the unforgiving cameras in Rio quite clearly caught her protruding collarbone and bony spine, while her modest décolletage was lacking support of a bra and exposed her sternum..

In December, Katie was spotted carrying a bottle of cult drink Celsius, which claims to contain a ‘thermogenic blend’ which increases metabolism in order to burn calories. Each bottle contains less than 10 calories and its makers claim that it can burn up to 77 calories over a three to four hour period.

In Katie’s case I’d say the drastic weight loss is probably stress related vs. the vanity weight loss we see from other celebs. You know it must be hella stressful to be an ‘arranged’ Scientoology marriage to a man that is clearly brainwashed.

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