Joe Francis Busted In Jail With Drugs

April 13, 2007 at 1:25 am  •  Posted in Celebrities by  •  2 Comments

Could this guy be any more scummy? Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis has been busted with pills in his Florida jail cell. Apparently bad boy Joe thinks jail is like a Miami night club where a $100 tip to the door man or bartender can get you the hook up. Joe was caught with the pills after he tried to bribe a guard for a bottle of water (so he could take the pills) with a $100 bill on Wednesday night.

And to top that…TMZ is reporting that the President of Mantra Films, Scott Barbour, the company that produces GGW has been arrested on suspicion of slipping the pills and cash to his buddy in the klink. Now the terrible twosome are rotting in the same jail tonight. It’s so nice to see karma in action.

When the authorities searched Joe they found at least three different kinds of pills, anti-anxiety meds Aprozolam and Lorazapam as well as the sleeping pill Lunesta. Whatever get you through the night…in jail.

I think every father who has ever seen his barely legal daughter flashing her breasts (or worse) in one of the sleazy GGW videos is sleeping well tonight.



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