Jake Gyllenhaal May Really Be Dating Taylor Swift

November 8, 2010 at 11:27 pm  •  Posted in Jake Gyllenhaal by

Did Taylor Swift not learn her lesson from her bad romance with John Mayer??? She is way too young to be messing around with these older and much more experienced guys. Ugh. I hear more teenage break-up songs coming.

The rumors of a budding romance between Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift have been picking up steam this week. They were spotted holding hands and kissing in NYC last week. But by all accounts Jake, unlike John Mayer, is making sure things go at a slower pace. Like, he doesn’t want the presumably innocent teenager to see his new movie Love and Other Drugs because he’s naked in most of it.

“Jake is making no secret that he spends most of the film naked,” a friend laughs. “In fact, you get to see so much of Jake in the original cut that the director made a few edits to try and take the focus off Jake’s naked ass and back onto the story.”

The fairy tale romance between Taylor and Jake has shown no signs of stopping, especially after Jake surprised Taylor last week by turning up as she pre-recorded five songs atop 230 Fifth Ave. for NBC’s Thanksgiving Special.

“Taylor had two special visitors that night to wish her luck — her mom and Jake,” a witness tells me. “During her 55-minute set, Taylor took a 15-minute ‘wardrobe change’ break, but really she spent most of it backstage flirting with Jake. You can tell they are both really into each other, but are trying very hard to take everything slowly.”


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