Hoopz From “The Flavor of Love” Sex Tape Leaked

May 24, 2009 at 11:41 pm  •  Posted in Hoopz by

Even if you aren’t addicted to reality tv shows like some of us…you gotta respect the complete and utter ghetto-fab girls on “The Flavor of Love“. There is no other creature like a girl that will go on a reality show to try to win the love of an aging mediocre rapper that wears a giant clock around his neck.

Case in point, the winner of season one, an elegant and classy lady name Hoopz has a new sex tape that just hit the net today. You know you wanna watch it..just for a few minutes. I mean, you’ve seen what these chicks do when they know they are gonna be on tv. Imagine how freaky-deeky they get when they think they are recording a private sex tape.

It’s gonna be very NSFW…but I’ll have a link to the freakiness in like two minutes so check back ASAP.


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