H&M’s Ground Breaking Normal Size Girl Ad Campaign

May 1, 2013 at 2:46 pm  •  Posted in H&M by  •  0 Comments

Like every other budget-con girl I already loved H&M for affordable trend shopping. But now I love them on a whole new level. They may have  single-handedly saved our daughters and granddaughters years of anguish and body issues by leading the way in promoting real size models and clothes without a mention of ‘plus size’ anywhere.

Kudos, H&M. Karma will be good to you.

In an industry where size zero models are the rule and size ten models are the exception, a fashion shoot that uses a ‘plus-size’ model without actually labeling the shoot ‘plus-size,’ is a rare find.

But H&M’s new Beachwear collection, presented on the retailer’s online womenswear homepage, features U.S. size 12 model Jennie Runk, minus the ubiquitous and stigmatizing term ‘plus-size’.

‘Her section isn’t labeled “Plus-Size Beachwear” — it’s just beachwear, period,’ writes Jezebel’s Jenna Sauers. Read more here.



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