Heather Mills Goes Nude and Legless

April 7, 2008 at 2:20 am  •  Posted in Heather Mills by  •  0 Comments

These pictures of Heather Mills naked and without her artificial leg taken in 1999 were meant to be used for her anti-landmine charity. The idea of seeing a good-looking woman missing a leg from a motorcycle accident is somehow supposed to raise awareness of landmines? Ok. Anywhoo, they never saw the light of day because she met and married Sir Paul McCartney soon after.

“But Heather figured Paul would take a pretty dim view if suddenly a load of nude pictures of her came out. It wasn’t just this shoot she worried about—there was the infamous porn-style German sex manual she starred in too. Quite a few people got phone calls and she made it very clear that the McCartney legal team would come down like a ton of bricks if the pictures ever went public.”




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