Gavin Rossdale Gets Touchy Feely With Hot Nanny

November 26, 2012 at 6:02 pm  •  Posted in Gavin Rossdale by  •  0 Comments

The Daily Mail published a story about Gavin Rossdale giving Gwen Stefani the morning off and taking their two boys for a hike with the nanny. It was all smiles and sweetness until this picture popped up.

Of course, this is total photo assumption and probably nothing out of line is going on …but isn’t that a bit of a personal place to put your hand on a woman other than your wife? Right above the booty…maybe it’s just me but it seems a bit low. A hand on the shoulder or back to steady someone or walk someone out or to the door ? Totally acceptable. Right on the booty crack? Not so much.

And the nanny is hot. Hair like Gwen’s…young…fit. Has faithful Gavin gone the way of Jude Law and David Beckham?

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