Exclusive: Kim Kardashian’s Big Booty Secret

January 25, 2008 at 2:38 am  •  Posted in Celebrities, Kim Kardashian by  •  0 Comments

We love the fact that Kim Kardashian is proud of her very ample booty and that girlfriend flaunts it regularly. So we were a bit confused when we came across these bikini candids of Kim and her sister Kourtney hanging out on the beach Miami.

Why is Kim so fervently gaurding her famous backside in these photos? She isn’t just casually wrapping that towel around her waist, she is clinging to it for dear life. We’ve heard rumors that Kim had a butt implant to get that amazing booty but we never believed that someone would go to such extremes. So we did some digging and found out that Kim’s badankadonk is in fact, not natural, but it didn’t come from some crazy plastic surgery. It came from Fredrick’s of Hollywood! That juicy booty Kim has been trading on for so long is actually just a $26 Fanny Panty that anyone can buy.


Is she hiding the booty because she doesn’t want us to see her surgery scars? Not likely. The more plausible explanation is that Kim is using padded butt undies to create her signature look and she doesn’t want us to see her au-naturale flat backside. That would shatter the whole booty-licous thing she’s got going on. It’s clearly a case of fraudulent booty.





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