Elton John Helping Eminem Battle Addiction

January 2, 2010 at 2:23 pm  •  Posted in Elton John, Eminem by

The world is a crazy place. Would you ever think that a old queen from England would end up mentoring a hardcore, white rapper from Detroit? Stranger things have happened. Like some retarded judge not letting Elton John adopt a child, but I digress.

Elton John says he has been helping American rapper Eminen fight drug problems for more than a year. John says Eminem is succeeding in his well-publicized battle against substance abuse.

John told BBC Radio Saturday that as a recovered drug abuser he is happy to help people if they want the assistance but drugs make people so cocky and arrogant that they often reject help.

I have a feeling that Em probably didn’t want this information made public, but you know how old queens love to gossip.



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