Elisabeth Hasselbeck Texts Nipple Slip Picture

October 20, 2009 at 2:25 am  •  Posted in Elisabeth Hasselbeck by

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned from maternity leave Monday and was back with the girls on The View with lots of cute stories about her new baby boy. Lizzie brought a picture of her son Isaiah for everyone to coo over, but the story that she told about another picture is what has everyone talking.

“I had just been feeding him, and I took the photo, he had this huge, huge smile, and it was the cutest picture, so immediately I forward it to everyone in my family distribution list—my mom, my dad, my brother, Tim’s dad, his brother, his mom, his other brother—and I sent it to myself, ’cause I’m on the list. So I get home and I open up the photo to see my cute little guy. No wonder why he’s smiling because my nipple is in the photo! It was worse then drunk dialing. It’s embarrassing.”

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