Courtney Love Turtle Twitter Pictures

August 21, 2009 at 1:21 am  •  Posted in Courtney Love by

I’m sure that you too, like myself, have been wondering what crazy-old-lady Courtney Love’s been up to lately. Besides not eating or posting rambling-non-sensical-MySpace posts.

Wonder no more..she’s been hanging with a turtle. In addition to twittering pics of little friend on her head, Court filled her fans in on what is going on with her much awaited album Nobody’s Daughter. And guess what? The new album is ready and it’s like giant pyramids. How’s that for some new fun Courtney-crazy?

After being in the pipeline for several years, Nobody’s Daughter is now almost ready for the world. She said: “It’s really epic; very, very, big.

“It’s like giant black pyramids.”

Earlier this year it was claimed the release of the new album had been delayed – because of paranormal activity in the studio.



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