Cindy Crawford Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

March 12, 2012 at 2:10 pm  •  Posted in Cindy Crawford by  •  0 Comments

Our only remotely natural looking supermodel in the history of EVER has finally given in to the knife in the fight against aging. We’ve all admired Cindy Crawford for years for seeming like the least cracked-out and crazy model that ever strutted on a catwalk. She was even called “the bigger” of the all the 80s-90s supermodels. Meaning she was not sickly and anorexic.

And for the past twenty years she seems to have been aging gracefully and even hawking her own line of beauty products on infomercials and telling women this was the secret to staying young…not plastic surgery.

Every female celebrity has work done. All of them. Yes, her too. Some try it, hate it and then just continue on fighting the good fight naturally with good skin care and health. But most all of them get addicted to the YOUNG. Cindy is no exception. Starting with Botox she moved on to fillers and then eye surgery.

Sadly, now she looks more like Janice Dickinson than Cindy Crawford. It looks like to me she had previously been going the filler router under her eyes to keep her face fuller and younger but now she’s hallow after under eye surgery.

I’m not judging. I think this is personal decision to look and feel your best and enjoy your life. Hopefully after she heals properly she’ll get her trademark full face back.

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