A test of science!

Posted in Celebrities by  •  March 22, 2014

just testing a nice crawl!

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Courteny Love of all people claims to have found the missing Malaysian plane. It's so funny, it's pretty alarming actually. They need to up her...

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Jessica Simpson Skinny After Second Baby

Posted in Jessica Simpson by  •  November 18, 2013

Jessica Simpson kept herself in-check during baby #2 pregnancy. She probably got threatened by the powers that be at Weight Watchers that if she...

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Anyone else here want to nail Kate Hudson to the wall? She is so damn hot, she makes me sweat everytime I gaze at her incredibly perfect body....

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It only took five years for Jenna Jameson to realize that once you are a porn queen...you are pretty much ruined for the real job market. You may not...

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Kelly Brook And Her New Look

Posted in Kelly Brook by  •  November 7, 2013

I'd always prefer to see Kelly Brook naked, but these new pictures of her and her new look are incredible.

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Paris Hilton’s Halloween Costume

Posted in Paris Hilton by  •  November 7, 2013

Paris Hilton looked pretty damn sexy in her gladiator costume for Halloween. I'm not sure why these pictures just came out, but I'm not...

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Amanda Bynes Will Be Home For Christmas

Posted in Celebrities by  •  November 6, 2013

So Amanda Bynes is set to be released from her mental hospital in time for Christmas and I couldn't find this to be more boring. I think they...

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Jennifer Aniston Has A New Sexy Haircut

Posted in Jennifer Aniston by  •  November 6, 2013

Unlike the horrible haircut Pamela Anderson recently got, Jennifer Aniston's new hair cut is extremely sexy. Jennifer Aniston has some of the...

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Kelly Brook simply looks amazing in these new pictures of her featured in the November 2013 issue of FHM magazine.

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