Brandi Glanville Leaks RHOBH’s Salaries

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I love this chick. She is foul-mouthed, brutally honest and despite the fact that she constantly makes herself look like white trash her physical appearance sort of negates it all. Her body is SICK. She says the stupidest dumb girl things and is not at all lady-like. AT ALL.

But I can’t tear my eyes off her 2o mile long legs and model body every time she is on screen. She talks like a sailor with no filter what so ever but most of the older women on the show want to protect her like she is their daughter. That’s kind of how I feel about her. They way she stands and her body language are very proper and demure..even while she is talking about banging every man in LA and kissing girls.

I don’t know if this latest thing is an attempt on her part to get a pay raise, or if maybe her dumb girl filter was turned off again.

Troublemaker Brandi Glanville just dished on one of Bravo’s biggest secrets. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star casually opened up to Howard Stern about how much the women are paid on the hit reality series.

“For the first season I worked for 18 grand so it wasn’t a lot,” she said. But Glanville was only a part-time cast member her first season on the show, and she noted the other women make a lot more.

“The other girls are a year ahead of me and they’re making $250 [thousand],” she said. Glanville said now that she is a full-time “Housewife” on the series she still isn’t making quite as much as her fellow cast members.   “I want what they’re getting, because I work hard, “ she said.

At one point while talking to Stern, Glanville acknowledged that she was not supposed to leak salary information, but she didn’t seem too concerned about it. “I’m not supposed to tell anyone this, but I’m just telling you.”


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