Ben Stiller & Wife Share Eating Disorder?

February 27, 2009 at 2:19 pm  •  Posted in Ben Stiller, Blind Item by  •  0 Comments

I just read a blind item that strongly suggested that Ben Stiller is losing his freakin’ mind. In the blind item posted on Lainey Gossip we learn that Hollywood power player and his very skinny wife share really scary eating habits. And more….

Not that it’s uncommon in Hollywood for married couples to share aesthetic philosophies but these two have taken it to the extreme. Counting almonds together – no more than 15 a day. And an apple and some berries max. Two to three hours at the gym. Constant colonics. Every month a three day cleanse consisting of some watered down pre-mix and nothing else. Dairy is out the question, bread hasn’t been seen in a year, diuretics of course…

His behavior is also apparently getting more and bizarre. Lately he’s taken to getting onto the floor in the backseat of his chauffeured car and lying down the entire ride, crouched down, totally paranoid, even with the blacked out windows, even though he’s hardly a major pap target. He’s also borderline freakish about changing his contact information every few weeks so no one can find him.

Do you think Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor are sharing an eating disorder and is Ben totally letting his OCD take over his life? Most of us agree that if Christine were a bigger star her super fast baby weight loss and scary skinny frame would be a bigger story…and hubby Ben does stay in superb shape for a middle age dad…..

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