Audio: Justin Timberlake’s ‘Suit and Tie’

January 14, 2013 at 1:12 pm  •  Posted in Celebrities, Justin Timberlake by  •  0 Comments

Justin Timberlake has released his first new single since 2006 after making a highly anticipated return to music in what he calls a ‘return to his roots’ with this track called Suit and Tie.

In the past six years, JT has starred in a series of high grossing films, including the Facebook biopic The Social Network; created a popular high fashion clothing line called William Rast; did a lot of funny stuff on Saturday Night Live and married his long time girlfriend, Jessica Biel.

I’ve been reading that a lot of industry insiders say JT is huge tool…but his talent is actually real and that’s rare in this business so he gets away with it. I wouldn’t have believed it until that whole upstaging the bride in their wedding picture thing….that was kind of douchey.

I’ve also heard that the fact the he released this song on the night of the Golden Globes was a d**k move. Seemingly a coincidence to most, some insiders say that it was a well calculated attention getter.

Misunderstood or a complete jack-off…either way..the song is not bad and people love him so….here ya go….

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